Massi Morino Mens Cufflinks and tie set)



  • āœ… PREMIUM QUALITY: The outstanding quality of the MASSI MORINO tie box guarantees longevity and will convince even the most demanding connoisseur. Designer ties made of 100 % polyester.
  • āœ… š‚šŽšŒšš‘š„š‡š„šš’šˆš•š„ ššŽš— š‚šŽšš“š„šš“: The high-quality gift set includes a men's tie, a gentleman's scarf, cufflinks and a silver tie clip. The enclosed step-by-step instructions will help you to tie a classic Windsor knot correctly.
  • āœ… š€ššš‘šŽšš‘šˆš€š“š„ š–š„š€š‘šˆšš† š‚šŽšŒš…šŽš‘š“: The high-quality workmanship of the tie offers a soft wearing comfort paired with excellent longevity. Our tie is 58 inch long
  • āœ… š„š—š‚š‹š”š’šˆš•š„ šƒš„š’šˆš†šš’: The tie width of eight cm stands for a businesslike and serious appearance. The Whether striped, dotted or paisley, with each of our designs you will draw attention to your outfit.
  • āœ… šˆšƒš„š€š‹ š†šˆš…š“ šˆšƒš„š€: The tie set is packed in a gift box. It is therefore ideal as a men's gift for birthday or father's day.
  • āœ… š“š‡šŽš”š’š€ššƒš’ šŽš… š’š€š“šˆš’š…šˆš„šƒ š‚š”š’š“šŽšŒš„š‘š’ šˆš š„š”š‘šŽšš„: Do not hesitate to contact us if your tie box is damaged. We take your feedback seriously and strive to constantly improve our products. Get your fashionable companion now!
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